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This demonstration is built on the postcolonial scholar, Homi Bhabha's idea of Ambivalence and exhibits experiences of "smooth" and "rough" tactile feelings simultaneously to convey to a typical smartphone user the struggles of electronic waste (e-waste) workers when they dismantle, test, and recycle broken electronic devices. The demonstration consists of two components: 1) a mobile game that imitates e-waste workers' routine tasks, and 2) a smart glove that reacts correspondingly to the player's moves in the game by simulating unpleasant feelings. This demonstration introduces the harsh and inconvenient experiences that e-waste workers face in recycling practices, along with the familiar smooth tactile experiences in touch-based interactive devices. The co-presence and concurrent experiences of "smooth" and "rough" create an 'ambivalence' and allow the user to reflect on the stark differences between the two worlds of interactions with mobile phones. This demonstration is aimed to later develop empathetic connections between people with different privileges and backgrounds.

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